Everyone using or owning property will one day have to do maintenance and/or repairs.

Maintenance – i.e. ensuring the user safety, usability and the looks of your building – can be done from different perspectives, dependent on the purpose you own and use the building for.
A building-society or investor – for whom the building will be a source of income – will have different requirements than the individual home owner or owners-society in an apartment block (VvE), for whom the house primarily provides home and shelter.

Malfunctions in buildings alas are inevitable, proper maintenance however will help minimalise them. 
For a VvE a long-term maintenance plan (MJOP) is important to plan maintenance and build proper reserves to pay for it. 

Bouwburo Bollenstreek advises both individual owners and VvE’s, based on the paradigm “do what you have to do, the moment it has to be done and without exaggeration“, a.k.a. “common sense“.

When advising on malfunctions, I will look at your building the way your GP looks at you : first and for all properly determine the problem at hand, then advise on how to cure it.
Knowing what the problem is is the best way to avoid overly intrusive or even wrong interventions ! 

Clearly, a MJOP or independent advice when confronted with leakage, dampness, mold or cracks ca. save you a lot of time, nuisanse and money.
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