I would like to modify by home; can you tell me what materials to use, what installations are most efficient, what can I do myself or need to contract a specialist ?

Can I take away that wall without having the building collapse ?

I want to make an extension to my house; can you tell me what maximum size it may be and whether I need a municipal permit for that  ?

These are just a couple of the many questions I get asked.

Without proper technical knowledge it can be quite a challenge to see the possibilities your building provides or make an optimal choice between the many materials and solutions available.
As an independent designer/consultant my game is to maintain a wide and actual overview of the quickly changing market of building-supplies and -solutions.
This helps me to look at your challenges from different angles, assessing the effects of your desired changes on the functionality an structural soundness of the building, and often results in more ideas and solutions than you and/or your contractor/installer would see.

Proper independent advise in the initiative-phase not only lets the result better match your ambitions, it can also help you to substantially save on costs.

Fancy some proper independent advice ?   Just give me a call or fill out the contact-form